Most visitors to the site will automatically be asked if they want to install our app, but some browsers and devices will not do this, and some visitors may not see the message, so these instructions inform you how to install the SentLive app on your device. Please refer to the tabs below, and do the following:

  1. Click on the tab with the operating system (or equivalent) for your device, or’Others’ ;
  2. Within the tab are details about installing our app on different browsers;
  3. Click the browser name to see more information;

Please contact us if any of the information below is inaccurate, or if you have (or have not) been able to install our app on any browsers, so we can update our information.

Our recommended browser for Android is Google Chrome, but some other browsers can also be used.

As of June 2023, iOS users with iPhones or iPads running version 16.4 or above can install the SentLive app using whichever browser they normally use by opening the browser menu, clicking the Share option, and then ‘Add To Home Screen’ (Safari is very slightly different, see below); for users on older versions of iOS, Apple do not allow any other mobile browser except Safari to install Progressive Web Apps, or clicking an ‘Install’ button to do so, so please follow the steps below:

1. Once SentLive has loaded, at the middle bottom of the screen you will see the icon shown ;

2. Tap the icon, then scroll down until you see something like the image shown (this varies depending on iOS version);

3. A new screen then opens with ‘Cancel’ and ‘Add’ options at the top of the screen, and the SentLive logo and the text ‘SentLive – Simple, Smart, Safe’ and address. Below that in small text it should say ‘An icon will be added to your Home Screen so you can quickly access this website’. Tap ‘Add’ and the browser will close and the SentLive app should open; if it does not, close Safari and you should see the SentLive icon somewhere on your screen. Tap the icon and the app will open.

iOS Users
Please also see this article regarding the known current issues when using SentLive on an iOS device.

Our recommended browsers on the Mac are Chrome and Safari which both offer the automatic install app prompt and will respond to the ‘Install’ button click below. It is not necessary to install the app on desktop or laptop to get the full SentLive experience, and every browser listed below can run the site with no problem.

We have only been able to test a few operating systems, due to time and cost, so we apologise if yours is not here. If you have tried to use SentLive on your system, and it has either worked or not, please let us know the details so we can update this information. Please try the ‘Install’ button below to see if that works for you.

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