Members Charter

I/the business agree to:
  • supply at least one image to promote my venture;
  • as appropriate, follow, like, friend or equivalent all other ventures social media when available/possible;
  • recommend that other businesses join the network in any way possible;
  • promote the allocated network ventures using their supplied promotional material in at least one, and preferably all, of the following ways and preceded by the following text – “{My Venture Name} recommends the following:” and include links to websites/social media/email;
  1. On a single page of my venture’s website or Facebook Page or equivalent;
  2. In separate posts on my social media;
  3. Including all ventures in an email to my customers;
  • all promotions must use the latest promotional material supplied whenever possible;
  • it is each network members sole responsibility to check that the promotion of their venture by their allocated monthly partner is being done, and to gently prompt another member to update if they are not;
  • changes made by a member to their own images, links and any other relevant promotional information should be notified via the website using the supplied form – this will automatically notify all other members;
  • if a member does not adhere to the promotion of other ventures and requests to update, members can report this on the website and it will be followed up – if it is found that they are persistently not adhering to the agreement, they will be advised again to update or they will be removed as a member and blacklisted;

Please note that we also encourage network members to make their own co-promotion arrangements outside of the above, and would appreciate if some additional promotion of the network itself was included to enable to network to grow.

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